Monday, May 12, 2008

New School Mondays

Just a quick intro. I'm a fan of the golden age of hip hop (late 8os-early 90s) and most of the stuff out there today is gar-bage. However, from time to time, I hear something that's not half bad. I thought I share some of that half bad with you. This won't be frequent like the Old School Fridays b/c there ain't enough new stuff out there that blows me away.

And fyi, the CEO of this site said I could post new school music BUT only if it's dope. I don't care what the MAN thinks, it's dope to me :-).

Kidz In the Hall - Driving Down the block:

If you don't know about these boys outta Chi-town now you do. Naledge is the lyricist, Double-O is the deejay. Old school concept with an old school feel. They got other hot joints like Wheels Fall Off and Go Ill.

The Knux - Cappucino:

These boys from Nawlins are holding it down with the old school look. A refreshing change from the Crescent city known for trend music

9th Wonder & Buckshot feat Charlie Murphy - Go All Out:

9th's one of my favorite current producers, Buckshot's been slept on since '92, and Charlie Murphy is well Charlie Murpy aka a funny a%% mofo. The video's funny as hell to me, particularly in the first 1 minute. Peep game

Lupe Fiasco - Dumb it Down:

Lupe's by no means underground and this is the first single off his 2nd album (which has been out for a minute). The more and more I listen to this song, the better it gets to me. Lyrically it's on point, describing the shadiness of what goes on behind closed doors at record labels. Musically, the beat is infectious. I have forgiven him for his mishap at the Hip Hop Honors show a few months back lol

Guilty Pleasure of the Moment - Shawty Lo's Dey Know Remix

Sorry, I don't care what nobody say, this song is off da friggin chain. So Big UPS...TO ALL MY HAAATTERS

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