Saturday, June 14, 2008

A painful trip down memory lane


Remember when you asked what was the most painful moment as a Sports fan? Well tonight was pretty close to my most painful Sports fan moment ('93 Bills-Oilers). I never thought I would see a Phil Jackson coached or Kobe Bryant team choke like that. No team down 20 in a game, had come back to win in a Finals game...until tonight. I'm so angry I don't know what to do to settle down. To see a 33 yr old shooting guard with bad ankles get by a 24 yr old who supposedly plays good defense will be the painful image from this series. Even if they win Game 5, the series is pretty much over. The only thing that would put the icing on the cake is if my longtime nemesis Celtics fan from high school were to run into homeroom with the Sports Front page, chanting "GREATEST COMEBACK EVER" over and over.

If anyone needs more reasons why Kobe Bryant will never be MJ, just replay this game.


I really have no words for the debacle last night. I'm embarrassed to be a Laker fan. That was horrible. Letting an offensively challenged team score 21 points in the last 5 mins of the 3rd? Letting Eddie House and James Posey destroy you? I just have no words. This is up there with the '03 Rose Bowl for worst lost. Can't blame the refs on this one. We just suck.


I was so angry I couldn't even go to sleep for 2 hrs after the game. I woke up angry and had to put on the fake smile for my family. Not even free Krispy Kreme donuts at my son's school could change my attitude.

Obviously I've sworn off watching any sports highlights, shows, etc for the next few days.

Gangsta D:

Total abomination. I had to put on Goodfellas. I needed to see SOMEBODY at the top of their game performing at the highest level last night


that was so bad i'm not even going to say anything about it.

Gangsta D:

You know it's bad when even Realist can't say anything about it:)

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Jdubb said...

I ...I could go on ESPN pages, foxsports, I did not want to come here because I did not want to hear crap about the game..
It's not that they did not win, how in the hell do you loss by being up 24, You know when that happens, it is when I am playing PS3 or the 360 and been talking on the phone and I let my nephew go up by 30 points in NBA LIVE only for me to come back and smack him down in the final 3 minutes...
That is why it felt like, it felt like I was playing a video game and the computer AI decide it was time to HGH it's stats and make everything possible...I swear, I was trying to push the reset button on my PS3 because I was so dumbfounded
Gasol is soft as Dirk, how are you gonna be damn near 7ft and miss sure fire dunks, get on tip toes to try to get rebounds...
not only that, because I amin Germany the game comes on around 3am my time and I stayed up to watch that debacle!!!!