Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What's That Ish You Smoking? - Mullin Edition


Ok, I thought teams didn't have any money.

After losing Davis to the Clippers, the Warriors are going after L.A.'s marquee free agent. Golden State has offered Elton Brand a maximum contract — more than the Clippers have proposed, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Now I see the Warriors are offering Elton Brand max money. Is this retaliation for Davis leaving? Is he worth it? Does it really make the Warriors better? I like Brand, despite his Dukie ties but max for him is crazy. And if he does sign, then the Warriors and Clippers management look like fools for dishing out all this money just to finish in the lottery again.

The 3 of us seriously need to come up with a businessplan to takeover an NBA franchise and run it.

Gangsta D:

Is this retaliation? Shit yeah, it is! lol I agree, it's kind of ridiculous to spend this money knowing full well the hand is stacked against you. If Brand leaves, I wonder if Maggette stays. He would be a fool. If Boston and the Spurs are offering, you jump off the Clipper and swim for better shores.

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