Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday WTF?

Monday WTF returns with some comedy and a little horror...sort of like watching Flavor Flav having sex, but without the residual emotional scarring.

Wife Swap - Upset Tummy

"I don't wanna do it at their death."
On this episode of Wife Swap, a family used to a raw food diet, partake of some good old fashioned grease and dead animal flesh. The cooked food goes down easy enough, but the next morning is a little rough. The kids are sick and the father turns into the biggest pussy this side of Vanessa Del Rio's crotch.

Big Fucking Snake

Yeah, it's a big fucking snake. I live in the country and encounter any number of vermin on a daily basis. Therefore, I have two big machetes at the ready at all times. Nevertheless, I don't know that either machete would do me any good upon meeting this bad boy. It's kind of hard to kill a snake when you're running top speed away from it, while screaming for your mama.


Mizzo said...

Fuck you D that was foul! Lmao

Mizzo said...

Dude...who was that? TO's brother? What a bitch! Keep Vanessa out of it.

Gangsta D said...

Yuck yuck yuck. Actually that is McNabb once he realizes he still doesn't have anyone to throw to:)

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