Monday, August 11, 2008

They Said It


"My teams are going to go undefeated against your teams, book it. Christmas Day, your Lakers are losing at home to my Celtics...." - The Delusional Rev Joel Thompson

Who: He's my boy from junior high and high school

Why: He had a message on Facebook saying that he was excited about the Univ of South Cack's football season and recruiting. I pinged him and said don't get too excited, Smokey's laying the smacketh down. That prompted the above response plus promising the Skins would beat the Titans in preseason (I almost choked on my spaghetti from laughter, preseason indeed).

Huh: I said the Lakers beat the celtics twice already this year :-). He said well who won the series. Touche but still technically your statement is wrong.

Anyway, just a lil humor btwn me and mister Thompson. He's been sensitive ever since I beat him at the PC version of Lakers vs Celtics (in his own house no less). So whenever his teams show some life, he's ready to talk.

Gangsta D:

I do love delusional fans. South Cack will always be South Cack. Steve Tanneyhill isn't walking through that door. As far as the C's go. We shall see. I prefer to win the game on June 15th as opposed to Dec 25th:)


Steve Taneyhill, wow you took it back. They should have named a street after him since he was the first QB to lead the Gamecocks to a bowl victory :-)

Gangsta D:

My boy played on that squad. I saw him a few years after he graduated and he was wearing the Bowl ring. I was like, I know you're proud but are you really wearing that in public? lol

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