Sunday, November 02, 2008

Insane Weekend In College Football


- Man, I told ya'll I was converted to watch Big 12 games this season after the Red River shootout and last night didn't disappoint. Yep, I spurned my own boys (who embarrassed themselves as usual) to watch the classic in Lubbock. Harrell put 400 plus on dem Horns and that Crabtree 4Q catch, body control, and game winning TD was pure hotness. Do I think Texas Tech will run the table? hell naw, they losing to OU in 2 weeks.

- Speaking of Smokey, hmm, 4 conference losses versus 1 conference win with 3 conference games left to play. They either will finish last or next to last in the SEC East. Still think I should support Phil in his dark days. Me neither....

- The ACC is quietly putting on an interesting battle week in and week out. Miami upsets the suddenly mighty Cavs on the road, Clemson shocks BC on the road, GT holds off the surging 'Noles, and Maryland keeps rolling. They have 4 teams in the top 25 right now and both divisions are far from being decided.

- Georgia oh Georgia. Everytime, I fall for the koolaid (see Quincy Carter in the late 90s), you do your best to make me look stupid. Yesterday was no exception. People said the offensive line was the major weakness. Hell naw, look like that defense may have been overexaggerated.

- Speaking of D, I told you that Longhorns D wasn't that good. Good defenses don't repeatedly give up 30 plus pts to teams. They shut 'em down.

- Don't sleep but Boise St and Utah are both undefeated and making noise. Will we have two party crashers this year?

Gangsta D:

The 'Canes are gonna be a problem next year. I'm glad people have got their shots in the last couple years, cause a storm is brewing in South FL.

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