Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Not Familiar With Gary Payton's Level Of Hate


Do either of you watch NBA Gametime on Tuesday nights? If not, peep itout, shockingly Ahmad Rashad, the Glove, and C-Webb are a winning combination. Not at the level of TNT on Thursdays but MUCH better than whatever ESPN/ABC throws together....

Gangsta D:

Glove and Webber are a winning combo. Ahmad SUCKS! He's always pausing in mid sentence, can't get his thoughts out. He needs to stick to producing:)

Glove and Webber are good when they're just going off the cuff and clowning. When they try to offer analysis, especially Payton, they're not as good. But when they clown, they are hilarious.


I didn't realize how much hate Silky Payton had for Rondo :-).  Apparently his mentor skills didn't rub off

Gangsta D:

Dude, it's LEGENDARY! You can see the disdain on his face whenever Rondo is brought up. It's hilarious. I haven't seen that much hate since Jim Everett Deebo'd Jim Rome:)

Da Realist:

What's up with that?

Gangsta D:

I don't know. Maybe he feels Rondo is getting too much credit. I just know it's hilarious. Glove probably thinks he can go on the court in his dress shoes and give Rondo 30, while ripping him 5 times:)


I have no clue. All i know is every time Rondo's name is mentioned, Glove makes this here you go with this mofo's face. EVERY time


stopmikelupica said...

For what it's worth, I second Gary on this one. Rondo's success annoys me. If he wasn't on this Celtics team, he might, you know, have to learn how to hit a jumper or something. Worst 50% shooter I've seen....

Great Waldini said...

The thing is I feel GP. But he also was surrounded by great players in 2004 with LA. Granted he wasn't in his prime but he was still decent. He kept buckin the triangle to play GP's type of offense.

Just hilarious whenever people go out of their way to say that's your boy Rondo....

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