Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Church Of Bron Has Converted Another Non-Believer


Ok I'll admit the NBA's regular season has reverted to old form and producing one boring game after another. Last year was a Cinderella season with a lot of games must see TV. So far this year, it's been 3 teams (I still don't believe in Orlando) and everybody else chasing. So I decided to watch the Cavs-Celtics on Fri, since this was a battle of the top 2 Eastern Conf teams, the King vs the Big 3, the probable East Conf Finals matchup and all that other stuff the media hypes up.

The outcome? I didn't come out of the game going OMG I'm witnessing history. Lebron did put a beating on them boys and his defense is better. But if ESPN keeps showing the same highlight of him stopping The Truth on one play. I'm gonna scream. I will hold judgement on putting on the all defense team until I see him do it in the playoffs consistently.

As for the Cs, fuck 'em :-). The more they lose, the more I enjoy it.

Da Realist:

Lebron's the best player in the league. And he "gets" it this year. He's a factor on both ends of the floor. He's a terror on help defense and he can get to the middle against anyone, anytime he wants. He had the Celtics shook on national tv. Yes, I know the Celtics lost 6 of the previous 8 games. I know they weren't playing well. But they were INTIMIDATED.

It's just one game, but it's really not. No one is stopping him this year. The way he controls the game...I hadn't seen that from a perimeter player since Michael Jordan. And yes I know Kobe is a great player, but he did most of his damage as a premier scorer. I don't care how many defensive awards he got, he was never this much of a factor on both ends of the floor as Lebron is right now. And Kobe was never feared. Kobe beat teams, but he never intimidated them.

Lebron's game makes everyone else on his team better. First of all, he's a better rebounder, passer and defender than Kobe is -- a significantly better help defender. Plus he's more efficient. So there's that... But more importantly, the way he attacks forces teams to pay attention to him at all times. This leaves his teammates open and they're knocking down open shots or barely contested ones. Teams are too afraid to let Lebron get to the hole. Kobe, on the other hand, is mostly a jumpshooter. A spectacular one, but still a jumpshooter. Jumpshooters don't, on the whole, compromise interior defenses. So even though Kobe may score 45+ points, the best defenders are still playing throughout the game. Lebron forces interior defenders into foul trouble, making it easier for the Cavs to score and for his teammates to get more confidence.

Even when the Cavs lose, you can almost see the other team wipe their brow and exhale. Cause they know. I don't care what happens the rest of this regular season. It doesn't even matter who has homecourt advantage. Good luck to any team trying to beat that dude 4 out of 7 games in the playoffs this year.


I thought you didn't watch basketball anymore LOL

Da Realist:

Lebron is changing my mind. ;-) In fact, I just bought NBA League Pass.

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