Thursday, February 05, 2009

What Kind Of Man Calls Himself "Big Baby?"


Alright TJ Rosen, where's your instant analysis b/c I know you watched the Celts-Lakers tonight :-)

Da Realist:

Refs were horrible.

Kobe was 10-29 and was shut down AGAIN by Paul Pierce.

Offensively, Paul Pierce looks old as dirt...and almost as slow.

The Celtics made too many turnovers.

Lakers bench played well. Ariza and somebody (I forgot his name) in particular.

Odom and Gasol put the Lakers on their back and got a win



The refs were indeed horrible. The Lakers were fortunate to win with that foolishness

You are prbly thinking of Farmar or Powell b/c Sasha was horrible

No criticism of the Celtics Big 3?

The Lakers got back in the game in the 4th b/c of Kobe...and those were 3s he dropped on the Truth

Pau played well overall but a few times in the 4th and OT, he played scared (should have DUNKED on Ray Ray)

If I'm the Celtics, I'm worried that I got beat by an undermanned Laker squad that played horribly.....

Da Realist:

I don't think it's that big of a deal.  Good win for the Lakers but it's still just a regular season game.  Unless you feel confident that the Lakers will beat the Celtics in a 7 game series with Kobe regularly going 10-29.  I don't.

Even still.  I don't believe the Celtics are gonna get past Cleveland anyway.  I think we'll have Cleveland vs LAL in the Finals.  Lebron vs Kobe.


If he goes 13-23 like he did in the Christmas game, they will.

Actually the Lakers needed to win this. Yes it's only regular season and I know they have said publicly it's just another game. But in this new age where every media outlet constantly keeps showing highlights or full games of last season's FINALS and mentioning how soft you are, it eats at you internally. They should not be happy how they played b/c collectively they played bad d (pick and roll was killing them) and they missed too many FTs.

More importantly it's matters b/c the Lakers want homecourt throughout the entire playoffs, not just the West.

As for Cavs over Celtics, it doesn't matter to me. I expect another 7 game dramatic down to the wire series again. I tell you when Lebron gets that jumper consistently going, it will be over. He is a freak of nature

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