Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Can I Get A Hell...Wait, I'm Outta Here

Da Realist:

This is old as shit but I just stumbled on it. The way these guys are whining for sympathy on a WWE sponsored show is hilarious. Have either of you seen this?

WWE Confidential - Stone Cold Walkout (Pt. 1)

WWE Confidential - Stone Cold Walkout (Pt. 2)


I heard about this but never saw it. If one didn't know the full story, you say man that Stone Cold is a sumbitch. But I remember how 1) Vince screwed Bret hart in '97 (go watch that doc, it's eye opening) and 2) "issues" were resolved because Stone Cold not only appeared on future wrestling shows but his movies are produced through the WWE. Plus watch Vince on non-WWE programming like HBO's Late Night with Bob Costas. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

One of the user comments said it best. WWE, WWF, whatever hasn't been the same since Stone Cold and the Rock stopped wrestling full time.

Da Realist:

You can usually tell a lot about a person by how they handle difficult situations. I'm not talking about Stone Cold Steve Austin here, I'm talking about the WWE.

Stone Cold was there long enough for them to keep that shit behind closed doors. All that "but, but, but...the people want to know" is just bullshit. You got wrestlers dying left and right and somehow WWE keeps most of the details in house. You got the whole industry roided up, yet somehow WWE keeps most of their records private. But THIS... they wanted all the details to come out.

That WWE-sponsored cryfest was meant to do one thing -- bury Stone Cold's career. Maybe it was justified by Steve's actions, maybe it wasn't. But don't go on and on and on about handling things like a man and then spend so much effort ruining his reputation -- a reputation that took years for him and the company to build. The whole show was a way for Vince McMahon to ruin him publicly. Anything other than that was a lie.

They could have just told him to pack his bags and then told the public there was a mutual seperation. Or reduced his salary and/or appearances. What they did was a bitchmove.


Considering Stone Cold was one of the main reasons the WWE was able to finally overtake WCW as the #1 wrestling brand, you figure they wouldn't do something like that. I mean it was a fact many folks didn't care for Rock deciding to "retire" from wrestling and pursue acting so they didn't bury him either.

Again I point to the Bret Hart fiasco. He was torn leaving the WWE, ultimately chose WCW, but did tell Vince he would drop the belt on national TV cleanly but only not in Calgary. Vince agreed. What does he do? He plots w/Shawn Michaels and you know the rest. The following night on Raw, they insult Bret more, play his music, and bring out a midget dressed like him.

Funny, WWE is in an odd place. Very similar to the early 90s when the product got stale. Kinda reap what you sow. Unfortunately TNA is nowhere near WCW, ECW is a joke unlike the 90s and it adds up to a boring time for wrestling. Shocking for me, a huge wrestling fan to write that.

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