Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

Da Realist:

DAMN, I forgot how dirty this dude was.

Malone isn't just vicious, he gets away with it! Over the years, the NBA has consistently overlooked Malone and his dirty play.


This link was tight, how did you find this? Man, I knew about some of these incidents but not all. Definitely was a dirty dude, wonder when Stockton's "tribute" is coming :-)

Oh yea, funny enough Marshall would end up playing with Malone a few years after that incident so I guess all was forgiven.

Da Realist:

Someone sent it to me.

I'm with you. I knew he was dirty, but I forgot half the things on this list. And even the things I knew...I didn't know all the details. That game where he laid out Isiah Thomas...I saw the highlights but the game was never broadcast nationally so I didn't see the circumstances surrounding it.

I DO, however, remember how he knocked out David Robinson. That was just ugly. I do feel good that coward never won a ring.

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