Thursday, August 20, 2009

You Better Work It!

Here's a pretty cool project that is going down for all my Atlanta fashionistas. The Catwalk Project is coming to the ATL this fall and it looks pretty interesting.

The Catwalk Project is a competition between fashion designers and model groups or agencies, who are considered to be the “Top” in town. The designers will display their clothes to be judged in four showcase competitions. The model groups/agencies will compete on their creative use of the runway in their competitions. The first showcase will be in November ‘09. At the end of each showcase the number of designers and model groups will decrease. Those shows will lead to six finalist (3 designers and 3 model groups/agencies) who will then display their creative line and final routines in the fifth show, “Somewhere Ova,” a fashion theatrical production written and directed by R. Morsell, to be held in April 2010.

If you're in the fashion industry and are an ATLien, you should definitely check this out. The young lady in charge of the program is quite impressive and it's sure to be a stellar competition.

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