Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who Ya Got?!?!


Waldini - I guess that talk about Tebow being the greatest of all time in college football have died down. Funny what happens when you don't have playmakers around you. But even without the Harvins of the world, they are still the class of the SEC East. So the largest cocktail party will be doing the Gator chomp post game. GATORS

Gangsta D - If the Dawgs' D actually had a pulse, I would feel more confident in a UGA win. Nevertheless, it's funny how Tebow gets all the credit when the offense is rolling, but when it struggles it's "Well the line play is poor, he doesn't have down field threat, the play calling is lackluster." Or maybe he's not the GOD people made him out to be. Anyway, I hope GA wins just to shut up the douchebag Gator fans I have to deal with. But, I'm going with Florida.

Da Realist - Florida


Waldini - Interesting game. Oregon after the embarrassing loss and post game fiasco to Boise St, have quietly moved up the rankings. Barkley's not the 2nd coming of say Matt Leinart but honestly he doesn't have to be (although I think he will end up being better). Game's in Autzen. Call me crazy, but I believe "the DUCKS will be flying VERNE ". Sorry bad imitation of Bill Raftery. DUCKS

Gangsta D - Freshman QB. Autzen Stadium. Real good Oregon team. I think the Ducks do it.

Da Realist - USC

Texas-OK St

Waldini - Easy one for me. No Dez Bryant + surprisingly good Texas D = a L for the Cowboys. LONGHORNS

Gangsta D - McCoy goes off. Okie St keeps it close for three quarters before Sergio Kindle removes Zach Robinson's spleen in the 4th.

Da Realist - Texas

Miami-Wake Forest

Waldini - I think Harris rebounds nicely in this one. 'CANES

Gangsta D - "Jacory's only a sophomore. Jacory's only a sophomore. Jacory's only a sophomore." Which means, he's gonna make some mistakes. Hopefully, he doesn't make 4 of them again this week. Miami wins a closer than needs to be game. This team is still a year away, but damn I wish that year would hurry up and get here.

Da Realist - Miami

Tenn-S Cack

Waldini - Weird feeling about my boys. I've said repeatedly the D and running game are straight. It's the QB play that's killed them. Actually shoulda beat Alabama last week but you know how I feel about woulda coulda shoulda. The 'Cocks should win because their O is better. But I'm still salty at one of my boys, a former SC alumni, for having the nerve to debate why Obama didn't deserve the Nobel Peace prize and in the process couldn't spell to save his ass. Just because I'm hating....VOLS

Gangsta D - No fucking idea. Aren't they basically the same team? Tough stingy defenses with strong running games and erratic QBs. Coin flip goes to...........S. Cack, just because Kiffin is trying to impede on our recruiting efforts. They need another couple of losses to make recruits think twice.

Da Realist - Tennessee

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