Monday, June 27, 2005

Has Serena Lost It?


She looked pretty bad in her lost, then broke down. I understand that your ankle was jacked up and all, but if that's the case, sit yo a** as at home. She said that she is going to refocus and workon her game. What'chu think? Is the Williams' aura over their rivals gone now?

Gangsta D:

Of course she still has the talent to dominate. She just has to want it.The aura is definitely gone, but that doesn't meanthey're done. Their skills haven't eroded, just their focus.

Da Realist:

venus is done. D.O.N.E. her game is erratic AT BEST. when she firststepped into the game, no one had seen such a combination of speed, powerand wingspan. she won off of intimidation. but through the years (and ironically, the help of her sister serena) players started to see her weaknesses: weak serve, weak backhand, can lose focus. players started to pick at them until now she has no confidence in her game at all. now, the lack of polish in her game is exposed. she needs to start over and hire a new coach and re-focus on smoothing out the rough edges of her game to be a top-quality player again.

now i say this knowing that A) some of the top players have been knocked outalready (namely, serena williams and justine henin-hardenne) and B) wimbledon is the easiest major to win because the points can be too short toexpose the weakness in one's game. i don't think she can beat sharapova atwimbledon, but if sharapova loses before meeting venus, then the fieldis WIDE OPEN.

as far as serena, she will be fine. she just realized that she needs topull out a racket every once in a while to practice or she'll can be beaten.once she re-focuses herself, she'll be fine.

now, the REAL question is...can anyone beat ROGER FEDERER? i've never seena player make tennis look so easy. that guy is good. on his worst day, hecan be beaten by 3 or 4 people (depending on the surface). on his best day,no one can touch him. and wimbledon just happens to be his best surface.


Speaking of Federer, is anyone hoping he meets Andy Roddick AND whups his a%% like me. Yea, I know it's Anti-American but if people can root against Team USA during the 2004 Olympics in bball, then Ican hate on Roddick. He already drew my ire with his remark about James Blake and minorities a coupla yrs ago. Then he went gonzo this past weekend after a foreign reporter questioned him on his request to postpone his match due to darkness. Am I wrong to want him to lose :-)?

As for the Williams' girls, I don't know man. My wife gets mad at me when I say they wont recapture the magic like they had from 1999-2002 when NO ONE wanted to see them in a match. Stop focusing on designing clothes and workon yo craft.,

Da Realist:

i don't like players because their american or black or whatever, so i don't get into thinking it's american to be andy roddick's biggest fan (i'm not) or you're supporting your race if you only like the williams sisters (inever liked venus and i used to like serena a lot more than i do now). ilike tennis players for a myriad of different reasons that don't include ethnicity or nationality. so the bottom line is, i don't feel bad about rooting against someone who happens to be american or who happens to be black.

now, as far as andy roddick goes... he's too one-dimensional. he can beat most players, but not the top players. he has a huge first serve and his forehand may be the best in the business. but his second serve is weak, his backhand is weak and he can't consistently create passing shots. a player like hewitt can outlast him and a player like federer can embarrass him. he needs to work on becoming a more all-around player. but he doesn't seem interested.

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