Monday, June 27, 2005

Where Were Wie?


People can stop saying that all we talk about is football and basketball :-)

I would break out the discussion on Michelle Wie but I dont think you cats were watching the US Open. Congrats to Birdie Kim

Gangsta D:

I wasn't watching but I saw the final scores. I know she's only 15, but that was a gag job for the ages. You CANNOT shoot an 82 on Sunday when you start the day 1 off the lead. Hopefully, this will be a good lesson for her and she'll grow. She. Ain't. Ready. Eventually, she will dominate. But she needs to learn how to handle pressure.


Aight, aight so I know at least one other person besides me was checking the scoreboard. Yep everyone was pumpin Wie on Sat night/Sun morning, thinking it was a wrap. But low and behold, a few really, really bad holes(that shot where her ball didnt move was atrocious). I'm a lil more forgiving b/c she is only 15. I know Annika is the bar by which women golfers set themselves today but Wie is starting to gather hype like NancyLopez back in the day

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