Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mr. Big Shot

Da Realist:

"Horry's Game 5 ranks alongside MJ's Game 6 in 1998, Worthy's Game 7 in 1988, Frazier's Game 7 in 1970 and every other clutch Finals performance over the years."-- Bill Simmons



Ok, now I did not agree with that comment. I think it ranks with John Paxson's Game 6 in '93, Vinnie Johnson's Game 5 in '90, Robert Horry's Game 4 in '01, etc. The difference btw Simmon's references and Horry's game is that those guys did damage the ENTIRE game, not just a half.

Da Realist:

i would say it's better than those games you mentioned because those games were based on one shot. horry did more than that last night. BUT...it was not on the level that my man tried to put it on. jordan carried a weary team on the road against a team hell bent against losing two finals in a row while his sidekick had a back injury. Worthy had a monstrous triple double in pushing back the pistons in game 7. and i think frazier also had a triple double (or close to it) in 1970 without their best player, willis reed.

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