Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Between Games 5 & 6

Da Realist:
i think if the spurs are gonna win, they better do
it tonight in game 6. if they allow the pistons to win
tonight, the pistons will win game 7.

Gangsta D:

I know one thing, they can't count on Horry to score
21 of their 35 again. Where's Ginobili, the best 2-guard in
the league?

Da Realist:

the excuse...i mean, reason is that he's hurt.

Gangsta D:

How many extraordinary performances have we seen in
the Finals while the player was hurt? Too many to
rattle off right now. Unless 4 of your starting 5
goes down with injuries, there are no excuses.


Gentlemen, this is series is OVA (In Screamin A tone). I do expect
2nite's game to be close but I think the Spurs win a close one.

Da Realist:

the spurs still haven't proven to me that they can
handle their nerves in a big game. they were bailed
out by robert horry that night. manu didn't do a damn
thing. tony parker didn't do a damn thing. timmy
missing critical free throws like i predicted he
would. the spurs have shown me they are good, but can
still get rattled.

the pistons on the other hand have shown me nothing
BUT heart the last couple of years. if the spurs
relax EVEN A LITTLE BIT and allow the pistons to push
this thing to seven...THE PISTONS WILL WIN THE SERIES.

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