Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Speed Round - Game 3


I guess Manu isnt the best 2 guard in the league is he (2 of 6, 7 points). Like I said yesterday, these young cats including Kobe (that was for you Da Realist, lol) do NOT compare to Mike. A bad game for Jordan in his prime was 20 points (I usa ta love the classic Albert line> "Jordan was limited to 22 points today). 20 friggin points??? Not single digits I still say Spurs in 6

Gangsta D:

This series sucks. And I'm not just hating. I don't mind defense and I can appreciate good defensive series, so this series had potential to have at least ONE intriguing game. All three games have been blowouts. This is not compelling. I literally watched like 5 minutes last night, so I don't know, but were the Pistons still complaining. I did see Tony Parker hitting the deck, so I guess Detroit stepped it up defensively.


You watched 3 more mins than me....I was finishing my work then turned on PS2 for a change. Caugh the halftime score and went to bed. My wife told me this morning that the Spurs got blown out. I read the part about Manu this morning. I do know the intros were long as hell, prbly why I did not watch the game

Da Realist:

not only do they not start the game until 9:30 est, but the halftime show is longer than a quarter! they treat these games like they are all on sunday at 6pm. they should have at least have one game on the weekend that starts early enough so little kids can grow up watching like we did back in the day. and on that day, you can show the sob story of bruce bowen in a halftime feature. but NOT AT 10:30 AT NIGHT when i have to go to work the next day! the nba is alienating the future audience by coming on so late that kid's can't stay up to watch. even the adults can't last. did you know that half of the nation's population resides in the eastern time zone? why alienate that many people? i understand that 9pm est is 6pm pst, but can you give us an hour? come on at 8, at least. and quit treating each game like it's monday night football!

Gangsta D

Stern wants to make the Finals a spectacle like the Super Bowl, but it never will. The Super Bowl's a one time event, the Finals comprise a series. It's not going to have the same effect. Why do we need a 30 minute pregame before EVERY game? What the Hell are they talking about? Give us 15 minutes and start the game at 8:45!


They need to go back to the old days when the games pregame started at 8pmEST and the game started at 8:13pm EST. Cut the halftime down to the normal time and roll w/it

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