Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Vader's got mad handle

From the Great Waldini:

You know I was thinking about that writer who stated that this Spurs teamis the best team since the '97 Bulls, which of course is an ultimate slapin the face to the '98 Bulls and '00-02 Lakers. If you think really hardabout it, the guy is basically pulling a Star Wars (trying to compare aclassic to something that will never be a classic)

The '90 Bulls are like the original Star Wars Trilogy -

Star Wars aka 1991 - 1993 Bulls - This team was new to advancing past the conf finals, new to winning championships, new to posting back to back to back, etc. They were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed until Obi Wan aka Phil Jackson started to mentor them and then Luke aka MJ learned the ways of the force. He had help from Han Solo aka Scottie Pippen and Chewbacca aka Horance Grant along with the other rebels. They destroy the dark side on their way to establishing dominance in the Galaxy

Empire Strikes Back - Summer of '93 to Summer '95 - Luke gets his hand cut or retires from the sport, Chewbacca grows tired of the rebels, and Han Solo might as well have been frozen in carbon freeze since he was lost w/o his bandmates. The Dark Side gets stronger as the West takes the title in the absence of the Rebel Alliance being down

Return of the Jedi - '96 Bulls - '98 Bulls - Luke returns with a vengeance and serves notice to everyone he is back. No matter which Sith he faces Darth Kemp, Darth Malone, or Darth Stockton, he thwarts them all and restores peace in the galaxy. Han is thawed out and he picks up Chewie's lil brother Rodbacca for new adventures

The Spurs are like the new Star Wars Trilogy -

Phantom Menace aka '99 Spurs - New characters, new stories but something just doesnt' feel right. This team doesn't match up to the original Star wars movies but yet everyone says they are a great team. Anakin Skywalker aka Tim Duncan is befriended by a young Obi Wan aka David Robinson. They are both trained by Qui Jong Jinn aka Gregg Popovich. They have annoying characters like Jar Jar Johnson and Elliot 3P0 but it still feels like they benefit from a strike season. Throw in their dominance against the Sith Lord Knicks team, which is guided by Emperor Van Gundy and you walk away like "This could have been soooo much better

Attack of the Clones aka '03 Spurs - Determined to make up for the '99 team, this squad has been training more and young Anakin has rapidly gotten better. So much that he is deemed the chosen one by the NBA. Although this movie or team is better than Menace, it's still missing something. The ending was so-so, even though people did enjoy that lightsaber duel between LA and SA in the semifinals. I don't know, let's just hope the 3rd one is better than the first two :-)

Revenge of the Sith aka '05 Spurs - ??? The final script has not been written but there is great anticipation that this team is waaay better than the previous two movies/teams. We'll see as fans are lining up outside SBC Center to see if this product is the real deal. Or will the Dark Side aka the Pistons led by Count Wallace, General Billups, and Senator Brown destroy the Jedi temple as we know it

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