Friday, June 17, 2005

Speed Round - Game 4

Da Realist:

so many people were ready to annoint tim duncan as thegreatest power forward of all time. where are those people now?

about the spurs... you know, there is a such thing as being too nice, in sports and life (i usually use sports as a metaphor for life). the pistons hit the spurs and the spurs were too nice to hit back. they didn't even show up last night. they have a history of this. they'll jump up 2 games to 0 and then allow the other team to get two quick easy games to tie itup. look at how they were with the lakers the last 2 years and in the finals against new jersey and you'll see a trend. this is because the spurs take alifetime to adjust. once the other team adjusts to what the spurs do in games 1 and 2, the spurs take agame or 2 (or 4, in the lakers series last year) to recover. sometimes it's too late. also, they need some attitude. i'm tired of hearing how nice these guys are. i'm tired of hearing bruce bowen's sob story (belongs on lifetime, not nba finals). i'm tired of tim's stoic sulk after another bad performance by himself and his team. and i'm tired of tony parker and eva longoria. when are these guys gonna wake up and TAKE it? put a couple of pistons on their a$$! hey spurs! it's okay to get alittle emotional sometimes. can give you an edge ingetting that championship.

this is why i didn't panic when the spurs looked likeworld beaters after game 2. because i know their history.

Gangsta D:

Your superstar player cannot look like a sulken 8 year old who didn't getwhat he wanted for Christmas. That was the same look LA gave him four years ago in game 3. They promised to come out more intense and play with heart. They promptly lost by 30 AGAIN in game 4. Somebody needs to commit aflagrant foul in the first minute of the game. Otherwise, Detroit is gonna continue to manhandle them.


Saw the highlights and Coach Pop was strokin Timmy D's knee like he was a10 yr old. That image pretty much sums up how tough the Spurs are. Like I said before, the media does a GREAT job of painting a picture for which ever team wins. I'm sure I'll read how great Brown adapted to coaching or BigBen has so much to overcome and he's playing like the warrior he is or Billups is leading by example or Prince is the greatest late 1st rd pickever...whateva

And if da Spurs win, then it's back to Tim is the greatest PF ever, Manu is the best 2 guard in the league, Bowen is the best defender ever....whateva

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