Friday, June 17, 2005

The Bestest?

Da Realist:

who's the best player in the nba right now? this guy just asked that on sports radio and i gotta admit i'm stumped.

tim duncan? show me an all world player that looked like tim has the last 2 games. and besides, he racks up nice numbers, but when does he CHANGE THE GAME?

kobe bryant? after last year?

shaq? on the downside of career. allen iverson? 40% from the field doesn't cut it.

t-mac? no heart. no second round appearance.

dwayne wade? not this year.

kevin garnett? see kobe bryant.

Gangsta D:

It's Steve Nash of course...
I don't know, whoever it is it's by default. I don't know if there is a definitive best player. Here's my top 5:

Duncan (Lock)
Garnett (Lock)
Kobe (Lock)
A.I. (Lock)
Amare (Conditional)


Yes, I have to agree with both of you...I do not think it's that simple. I agree with D on the first 4, and would replace Amare with Shaq...only b/c of his impact to other players.

Gangsta D:

Shaq sucks...

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