Monday, June 20, 2005

Speed Round - Game 5 Analysis

Gangsta D:

First off, this guy is an idiot Second, Iknew this game would be a good one. The first 4 were skunk bombs and I was driving home from ATL last night so I missed it. Of course I would miss the only redeemable game of the series. At any rate:

- One of these days people are gonna stop leaving Horry open for threes. Itdoesn't matter if he hasn't scored in 3 games, this is what he does people. And he's been doing it forever.

- Yeah I saw the highlights of Duncan's put back and he fufilled his quota for one emotional outburst a season. But 1-7 from the free throw line in crunch time and an almost costly turnover? I hate to be picky, but when people start talking G.O.A.T, you HAVE TO BE PICKY.

- I can't count the Pistons out because they are defending champions, but I can't beleive they'll go into San Antonio and win two straight. MAYBE they get it to game 7, and that's gonna take a monumental effort. They're capable, but only if they want it bad enough.

- The NBA can NOT miss any games next year due to a lockout. They don'twant this series to be the last memory fans have of the NBA. They'll neverget the casual fan back...

Da Realist:

i agree with this statement 100%.


Yea, I was exhausted from TOO many activities over the weekend so I onlysaw the first half. I was pretty steamed this morning when I woke up, checked the scoreboard and saw Big Shot Rob hit anotha big shot.

- This series is over. I said Spurs in 6 and I stand by that statement. Nowwould have I said that after the Game 4 blowout...but of course :-)

- Is Horry the greatest role player ever? I'm sure he will be the topic ofdiscussion on every sportstalk, tv, radio show possible but keep in mind, he was pretty much a non-factor for any team btw 2003 and 2004. But I am happy to see he's "rediscovered" himself

- I wonder if the experts want to retract the greatest PF title attached toDuncan when this series is over. At best he has been decent but definitelynot Hall of Fame/Elite consistently in this series

- Will RASHOOO NEsterovic prove Stephen A wrong (Last year he said you can't win w/RASSHOOOO Nesterovic) and get that ring? :-0

Oh yea, the dude that wrote that article is indeed an idiot.

Gangsta D:

See Realist, we have respect and admiration for an ex-Laker. Even one who plays for the Spurs. You know why? He kept his mouth shut. I haven't heard of him saying anything derogatory about the Lakers. Although I am kind of pissed, cause if he had done the same thing in Game 5 of the 2003 series, we'd have won 4 straight titles. But I'm over that...


Why did I think the exact same thing this morning :-)...Sheeyat I wouldhave told Jerry to pay him the 4.9 mil in 04 if he had done this

Da Realist:

rasheed wallace OWES the pistons a win in game 6. what a brain lock! the only way to redeem himself for such stupidity would be if he put the pistons on his back for game 6. but does he have this much heart?

this series is not over. i'm not counting out the champs. i still think they can win in san antonio, maybe even two.

richard hamilton has been reading too many of his press clippings. because of the run last year, he was elevated to "superstar" status when he was really just a good role player. now he's been hearing that he's the second coming of reggie miller so much that he tries to pull a miracle everytime he touches the ball. richard, stop trying so hard...that's not your game.


What'chu talkin bout Willis?!? Rip is a superstar, so is Chauncey, TonyParker, Manu, Wade, and all other guards that made the playoffs this year:-) I mean if I were building a team, any of these guys would be my first pick over players such as Garnett, Duncan, Kobe, O'Neal, AI and those other guys. These superstars play the game the RIGHT way

Simmons said it best last week, Sportstalk radio is killin sports. It onlytakes one game, one play, whateva and someone immediately is christened a superstar. Gimme a break. And I think they pay Hubie Brown extra to elevate the skills of all the players. Btw him promoting Rasho as a great defensive player and Sheed as an excellent defender, I think he's earned himself at least a cool mil in retirement fund, lol

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