Monday, June 20, 2005

Speed Round - Other Stuff


How come we are not talking about Retief Goosen choking during the final 18 at the US Open yesterday? Or Matt Campbell aka the Wild Samoan doing his thang? Or Tiger having a GREAT chance of winning but nutting up on holes> 15-17? How come we are not talking about the Batman Begins 400? Or Michael> Schumaker winning a controversial F1 grand prix open this wknd (15 drivers> protested over safety issues, didnt race)

Da Realist:

i don't watch racing so i can't comment on that.

as far as golf goes, i'm as much of a novice as there is. i only watch when tiger plays well and only in majors so i don't feel i have the knowledge to make intelligent comments.

i did see batman begins. it was a bit cliched, but it was a good start. they have a foundation to buildon and improve the franchise. although this particular movie was average, i would still be interested in seeing the next installment because of the potential.

Gangsta D:

Retief had one of the all-time chokes. Dude was 3 under at the start of the day and was 2 over after six holes. Holy Gag Job Batman! Tiger could've won but his putter failed him. He had several birdy chances but blew them. You can't hate on Campbell though. Dude was consistent the whole day. He just hit fairway after fairway and green after green. Not spectacular, but solid as Hell.

Only thing I know about Schumaker is that he's paid as Hell. Formula 1 is where the real money is. Dude damn near pulls down a hundred mil a year.

Haven't seen Batman Begins, but I will. I've heard rave reviews and badreviews. I don't have that much faith in Chris Nolan, but I do like Christian Bale. Nevertheless, the new Batmobile sucks major gluteous...


Speaking of F1, did anyone hear about Big Bernie Ecclestone (sp.?) comments on Danica Patrick last weekend. I heard that he was saying women belong in the kitchen instead of the race track :-). I wonder if anyone will penalize him since he's the one responsible for generating all that cash for F1 racing :-)

Yea, Retief laid down big time

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