Friday, June 17, 2005


Da Realist:
can you believe this?
Gangsta D:
Yeah, I've known for the last year or so.  I don't
know. Michael Bay does outrageous well, but I don't
know. The characters are gonna have to be
hella realistic, but ILM is doing the FX so it
should be tight. But I think they're making a BIG
mistake by not using the Cybertron origin story. I
don't know. I never thought I'd see a live action
Transformer movie, and I'm not sure that was a bad thing...

Da Realist:

being that this is one of my favorite stories, i'm
unfortunately going to be highly critical. it's
going to have to be dat bomb $hit for me to give it
grudging praise. but this is my fault. i would love
if they just remade the '86 movie using live-action.
don't recreate the story because true TF fans know what
happened. and besides, how can you improve the
storyline? that was the most emotional cartoon made
until lion king. EXTRA BONUS: if they can find a
way to bring back the voices of Megatron, Optimus Prime
and Soundwave, i'm good!

i was looking after my wife's co-worker's son 2 days
ago and he picked up my Megatron toy. after fooling
around with it (and almost breaking it! after which
i would have broken his neck...), i decided to school
the young fella. i brought out season 1 of the
cartoons. you should have seen his eyes when
megatron turned to a gun! that cartoon is still
interesting today, 20 years later.

Gangsta D:

Dude I just watched the movie the other day and it's
still better than 90% of the stuff out now. I'm like
you, they HAVE to come with it. No shorts.
Nothing but greatness. I don't know if Speilberg
and Bay realize how important the Transformers are
to our generation. One of the names being
bandied about for Prime's voice...George Clooney.
This is not a good start...

Da Realist:
george clooney?  i see they are not serious about this

that megatron-optimus prime fight from the movie still
gets me because i loved and respected them both and
didn't want either one of them to die. but this was
necessary and made TF the movie the most compelling
cartoon. i understand that now, i didn't then.

i don't know, man. i don't want to see them turn this
into garbage. i've been known to skip out on favorite
characters of mine when i feel they aren't done
justice. for example, the incredible hulk is my
favorite superhero. but to me, bill bixby is the only
david banner and lou ferigno is the only hulk. and
since bill bixby is dead, the hulk franchise died with
him. watching that bull**** movie that came out a
little while ago was not an option. i may have to
skip out on this and re-watch the original.
Gangsta D:
I still get choked up when Prime dies.  It was like the
end of innocence. Honestly, I think that's the first time
I ever saw a superhero die onscreen, a major when at least.
It's like the illusion disappeared. I think I became
hardened and cynical after that moment.
Yea, like D, I knew about the Transformers live movie
last year and I just rolled my eyes. This is my favorite
cartoon of all time and I dont want to see its' image or
legacy tarnished by a bad script and/or bad visuals. I
dont know, it has the potential to be really, really
hot or a really really bad idea. TJ, I am still rollin
ova your story about watching your friend's kid :-).
Was LMAO for a good 5 min ("I woulda broke his neck,

Oh yea dont care what anyone says, the Hulk movie was pure,
unadulterated boredom and bull****.
Da Realist:
it's kinda funny looking back on it because his mom was on
her way out and hadn't left yet. he picked it up and
started yanking all the parts around trying to change
it to a gun. as you two probably know, megatron is
the most delicate transformer because of all his
unorthodox transforming methods. one wrong move and
no more megatron. well, anyway, i felt myself getting
tense. (now, this boy is only 7!) his mom was
completely oblivious, but athena saw... she saw me
sizing that little boy up like a hawk and she started
laughing. :-) his mom kept asking what was so funny!

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