Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm Ron Mexico Bitch!

Gangsta D:

Michael Vick needs to step up this year and lead his team with his arm. He should aspire to be like Peyton Manning...who's gone to exactly the same number of Super Bowls: 0. Mike Vick is a winner. When he's on the field,the Falcons win. When he's off the field, they suck. A running QB has never won a Super Bowl. But plenty of pocket passers haven't either. Vickwill never be Joe Montana. But he'll eventually be damn good. 1,000 yds rushing & 3,000 yds passing in a season good. You have to let him be who he is and let the chips fall where they may. He may never win a Super Bowl, but niether did Marino, Kelly, Tarkenton, Moon, et al. They lived and died playing their respective games. No one tried to shoehorn a new style onto them. Now, granted Vick's completion percentage has to improve, as well as his TD-INT ratio. But, he's gotta beat you with his arm AND feet. That's who he is...along with being a herpes carrier. But i don't think that willhave an effect on his play this year...

Da Realist:

herpes? where did you get THAT from???

this point of view sounds good to me.


That view is accurate. People need to stop hatin and let that cat play. Throw McNabb and McNair in that conversation too although I think Vick will finish his career with better numbers than both of them

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