Friday, July 29, 2005

Shake Ya Pom Pom

Da Realist:

Your thoughts on Whitlock's views?

Gangsta D:

Totally agree. If TO has a bad year, they'd cut him in a second and wouldn't have any hard feeling about it. NFL contracts aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Someone tell me the last time an NFL teamhonored a long term contract, throughout its term according to ALL of it's original stipulations. If it's happened at all, a one-armed man would be sufficient for an accurate count. If he underperforms the team can take money away, so if he overperforms they should pay him more. There will never be guaranteedcontracts, but i see know reason why there can't be renegotiations...


The real issue is who's the one voicing displeasure about his contract....TO. A outspoken, supposedly arrogant young & angry black man (in their eyes). If this were Favre, Montana, Marino, Elway, Brady or any other golden boy that was speaking against his contract, then all of sudden folks would start rethinking the whole NFL salary cap. Folks like JavonWalker, Edge James and company look worse when a Brett Favre publicly calls you out for being selfish. And then the media says to themselves, "Well ifBrett said it, it must be true." Puh-lease, this is about trying to get the most money possible up front before someone takes it away behind the scenes.

For the record, I am in agreeance with T.O. on his right to get a better deal based on how he helped his team last year. I do not agree with some of his statements (the Jesus comparison comes to mine). Make your statement and just let everything else play itself out.

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