Monday, July 18, 2005

What It Do?


- Mr Woods caps off his 2nd career grand slam and now the bandwagon for him has returned. Sportswriters and casual fans are now back to comparing himwith greats like Nicklaus, Hogan, Jones, etc. Folks are so full of it it makes me sick. I said in '02 Tiger was the truth and even if he doesnt win another title he's one of the greats ever, mainly b/c he already had won 7 majors by this point. B/c he didnt win a title in 10 consecutive majors, folks were like 'Has Tiger lost it?'. In the words of ole boy on Ludacris 'Pimpin All Ova the World song, PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN :-)

- On a side note, anyone peep Michelle Wie tryin to step with the big dogs last week. She made it to the qtrs but bowed out on Friday. John Saunders posed a good question on SportsReporters. Should Wie try to dominate theWOMEN's tour first before tackling the MEN's?

- Lastly, Realist I left you a message about that foolishness you posted ova da weekend. One more insult and the 3K boys aka Da Wonder Twinz are payin you a visit paison! Kapeesh?

Sittin Sideways....

Gangsta D:

I'll get to Tiger in a second.

As far as Wie is concerned, I don't think it matters. Golf is golf. The only thing that separates women from is driving distance. She has proven that she can consistently drive the ball 280+ yards. That's better than quite a few guys on the PGA tour. So the gap is even in that area. And with regards to iron striking, putting, and chipping, if there really is no appreciable difference between men and women, why can't she play on thePGA. Once the ball gets to the fairway, it's all relative. So why should she have to be relegated to the LPGA. Why can't she cut her teeth on the PGA? Hopefully, she will learn from her mistakes and improve. She's eventually going to get a PGA tour card and she will play a full tour schedule. People should just accept it and move on.

F*ck all the Tiger haters now suddenly back on the bandwagon. They criticized him 7 years ago for tinkering with his swing, and what happened? 6 out of 8 majors. They criticized him two years ago for tinkering with his swing and what happened? 2 out of three majors and a 2nd place. This is why i totally despise the media...


I remember arguing with one of my high school friends when Tiger wasnt reeling off consecutive grand slam wins. He was like "Tiger isnt all that", I'm like are you effin kidding me. He's the same age as us and he's consistently placing in the top 5 of the tournaments he plays in. Unlike Goosen, Mickelson, Garcia or others who have a lifetime moment win they win, this cat is always in the chase. ALWAYS (ok, not always but you knowwhat I mean).

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