Monday, July 18, 2005

Great Expectations

Da Realist:

no more talk of disrespect coming from you, smokey. everybody is talking about your boys this year likethey got a real shot at pasadena. but then i looked up your schedule.

WHEW! your fate should be decided in the first 5 weeks. at florida(week 2), at lsu (week 3), georgia at home (week 5). and for good measure-at notre dame (week 8), in the cold of november in indiana a couple of hours from chicago.

hey d, why don't we try and talk some sense into the acc by convincing them to move the miami/fsu gameback to the middle of october like it's supposed to be? i hate this labor day matchup. we don't have a chance to generate any buzz. i liked it better when both teams were undefeated heading into the october meeting knowing full well that game decides the future(well, except in 2000 that is)

Gangsta D:

It does not matter when they play. Although I would like to see a return to mid-October, ya'll go'n lose anyway. So what's the diff...You better pray to God that FSU finds some way to win this game. If not. YOU. WILL. NEVER. HEAR. THE. END. OF. IT!

Da Realist:

that's right, kick me while i'm down.


Yea if my boys have any championship aspirations they will have to earn it. Considering their secondary was a sore point last year, they are going to get tested in their 2nd game when they face the best QB in the SEC in ChrisLeak. LSU is intriguing b/c their QB is young like ours (both sophomores). Georgia doesnt have David Greene anymore instead DJ Shockley, whose morelike Quincy Carter. Regardless these are all tough games. I just dont wantto see Tenn do what Auburn did TWO years ago when they were ranked so high (underachieved, barely made a bowl)

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