Monday, July 11, 2005



I dont know if either of you knew this but NBA TV was showing old school games (Hardwood Classics) all weekend and will continue this week. On Sat they showed Games 4-6 of the 1980 Finals, then last night broke out Game 3 of PHX-GS '94 1st rd series (the one where Barkley went off). Maybe I'mgetting old but I think they should show tapes of these games to the younger players in the league. Practice, practice, PRACTICE = good fundamentals

This week, I think they are showing games from the 81, 99, and 00 playoffs. Check ur TV listings.

Also check out Rosen's breakdown of best PGs ever...

Gangsta D:

This is the thing that kills me about the NBA. Coaches say they don't have time to teach fundamentals because practice time has to be spent on other things, primarily offense. one runs a f*cking offense! It's either pick and roll, or isolation. So what the Hell are they doing in practice. Hey coach spend 15 minutes and teach your players how to blockout!


Well said least look like you are trying to run some type ofplay. Is it really that hard to run the motion offense?

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