Monday, July 11, 2005

Who Got 5 Bucks?


GOOD NEWS - Drafted Andrew Bogut, Re-Signed Michael Redd, Signed Bobby Simmons, and TJ Ford will return

BAD NEWS - Fired Terry Porter for no real good reason, Hired Terry Stottsthe same man who couldnt coach the Hawks out of a paper bag

I dont know, I am intrigued by the Bucks b/c on paper they have some studs that should be able to run. You got Ford/Mo Williams at point, Redd/DesmondMason at SG, Simmons/Kukoc at SF, Joe Smith at PF, Bogut/Gadzuric at C. The4 is a weak spot but I do like that lineup. But i dont like the coach so I'm sure he will find a way to f*** it up :-)

Waldini has spoken...enjoy urself b*****es!!

Gangsta D:

Kukoc is still in the league?


I thought he was...he prbly was hurt last yr

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