Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You Got The Juice Now...

Gangsta D:

Good points, but I still say he belongs in the Hall. How many people who have played in his era have 3000 hits/500 homers. There are only FOUR in the history of the game. Obviously, it's not too tainted if only 4 out of 50,000 have ever done it.

Da Realist:

"That's no knock on Raffy, a scary hitter who turnedunstoppable whenever his team fell 10 games out of therace."



I concur.

Here's another question for both of you. Does KenGriffey Jr belong in the HOF? I say yes but curious to hear your thoughts....

Da Realist:

of COURSE! only injuries have stopped him from being considered the best modern player in the game. just as explosive as barry bonds (used to be before bonds ADMITTEDLY took steroids), but infinitely better playing defense as a centerfielder.


Ok, I'm happy I'm not the only one who thinks this. I had been reading reports that some folks didnt believe Griffey was a sure first HOF. I'm like, I guess you didnt see him play in Seattle. How soon folks forget our heroes :-)

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