Wednesday, July 20, 2005

NBA Free Agency is...Underwhelming!


- Stromile Swift goes to Houston, people immediately start saying they arebound 2 get out of da first rd with a starting lineup of Yao, Swift, T-Mac,Wesley, and Sura. Call me crazy but that team doesn't look that much improved

- Antonio Daniels is headed to Washington. That gives the Wiz a starting lineup of Haywood, Jamison, Butler, Daniels, andArenas. I think they compensated well now that Brown and Hughes are no longer there

- Cleveland adds Donyell Marshall. Good move for the Cavs which means theyhave Z-train, Donyell, Lebron, Larry Hughes, and Snow with some decent bench help.

- I think the Sonics are in a lot of trouble with all those losses (James,Daniels, McMillan)

- I think the Lakers better start looking for a PGb/c they got no oneright now....

Da Realist:

calm down. the lakers last real point guard was magic johnson. that didn't stop them from winning 3 titles. besides phil jackson has never even HAD a team with a real point and he's got 10 rings.

Gangsta D:

Actually, he's only got 9. But the 10th is comingthis year baby...or maybe not...

The Wiz is my sleeper pick to do some damage in the east. But, they HAVE to develop an offensive system. Last year it was fastbreak and pull up for a 25 ft jumpshot. And they may wanna think about defense every now and then.

Houston is SUSPECT. I think people keep expectingYao to put up Shaq-like numbers. It. Ain't. Happening. Folks. McGrady hasn't proven he can stepup when the heat is on and Swift had one decent year and has not performed well in the playoffs. They should be cautiously optimistic.


Yea I like the Wiz's moves and definitely think Eddie Jordan can coach. He has a good mix of youth and veterans on that team. Idon't know. Everyone is picking either the Heat, Pistons, or Pacers to dominate the competition but I think the Wiz, Celtics, Cavs, Bulls (assumingeveryone comes back), and Bucks could push them a lil harder than these 3 teams were pushed in last year;s playoffs. All those teams have the ability to run and make games interesting. Notice I didnt say beat those teams just push them

In the West, I expect Seattle and Sacramento to drop a few notches, Minnesota, Golden State, Both LA teams, and Utah to improve but San Antonio and Phoenix remain the cream of the crop. I thinkthis season could be as good as last season considering again there is no clear cut favorite to win it all.

Da Realist:

oh yes, there is a clear cut favorite next year. who's gonna beat san antonio? they are not one of the all-time great teams, but nobody else in the league is better. detroit just took a step down. miami hasn't changed enough yet to seriously threaten. phoenix is still phoenix.

overall, teams are getting better, but i can't see anyone knocking them out in a 7-game series next year. now, maybe the year AFTER next...

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