Thursday, August 18, 2005

From My Cold Dead Hands...

Da Realist:

Just shoot me!

Gangsta D:

In the FSU scrimmage, Xavier Lee was 2-17 for -1 yard. How in the HELL do you complete 2 passes for negative yardage. How do you miss FIFTEEN a SCRIMMAGE. OK, Weatherford was 12-20 for 90 yds, but that yds/attempt is atrocious. Where have you gone BobbyB?


I applaud for not publicly ripping his coaches in front of the media. But he didn't have to embellish on "the criticism that Jeff takes constantly"either. Just admit the offense needs some reworking and go about your business

Da Realist:

i'm dead this year. DEAD. there is no hope. jeff ain't going nowhere unless you tell daddy to pack his bags too. and that ain't gonna happen.

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