Thursday, August 18, 2005

I Hate Mike Lupica


Welcome to another edition of The Commission's version of Sports Reporters.....We are joined in the studio by the Washington Post's DaRealist, Pulitzer prize author of the best selling "Why Hating is good for the Soul", the Miami Herald's Gangsta D, one half of the Grammy winning duo, 2PD, and currently working on the follow-up to the 2004 smash "The Gigante Experience, and your host, Houston Chronicle's own Great Waldini, Emmy winning director of "100 reasons why Bojangles is better than Popeye's.....

Gentlemen....a sports column in Dallas recently compared Mack Brown to Phil Jackson. The writer provided little detail but pointed out that Phil has not been tested as a coach and this year we will get to see if he really can coach. Do you agree?


Mack Brown has fielded unbelievably talented teams and has 1 BCS win and no nat'l title teams. Phil has fielded unbelievably talented teams and has 9 titles. How can you compare the two? At any rate, I think the 2000-2001 season was his best coaching job. I think he has been tested. He's just never had to build a team. He's taken teams to the next step. Now we'll see if he can take a team 2-3 steps.


I don't even know how the guy on the radio could compare the two. Mack Brown has traditionally come up short in big games, w/the exception of last year. Phil Jackson has traditionally come up big in big games, w/the exception of the 2004 Finals.

Folks always talk about Phil always had talent wherever he went but it still takes a good coach to maximize the talent of his players. Who can forget Brian Hill and the 95 Orlando Magic? He had Shaq, Penny, Ho.Grant, Dennis "No-D" Scott, and Nick Anderson starting with a pretty decent bench. That team got swept....think a good coach woulda let that happen.

Da Realist:

mack brown doesn't even warrant a discussion. i know i'm the last one that should talk because of fsu's struggles with miami. but at least bobby has a couple of titles and we've beaten miami a few times.

mack brown is a good coach (well, he does win 10 games a year), just not a great coach. phil jackson is a GREAT (and amazingly underrated) coach.


First, Bobby Bowden is a better coach than Mack Brown. I agree Mack is a good coach but sometime folks get too caught up in the hype over him. He's a GREAT recruiter but he doesn't develop players like he should. There is no excuse for a team that has had the top recruiting class 4 out of 6 years to not win their conference title.

Also agree w/the PJ comment. I do not understand why folks continue to harp on the "He had Mike & Scottie, then Shaq & Kobe" deal. Do people remember that those guys were playing for a few years prior to Phil coming. And they were going NOWHERE!

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Mike Lupica is a little punk who slams Notre Dame whenver he can. Most likely this is related to his inferiority complex, as he attended college at Boston College,which accepted the little twerp, and not at Notre Dame, which rejected him.