Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lakers vs Heat or Pistons vs Spurs? Yep I Thought So

Da Realist:

any thoughts on nba marketing scheme?


Gangsta D:

The NBA is a collection of star f*ckers. Pure and simple. Will always be the case. You're gonna see the marquee names more often than not. If you ask most people, they would rather see brilliant failures than dull successes. People talk about team ball and this and that, but when teams that play team ball play, people don't watch. It has nothing to do with them being uneducated about it, because the media jams the fact that they play team ball down our throats. On Christmas, which game do you think is gonna get the higher rating? Yep, I thought so.

His logic is kind of flawed. The Lakers/Cavs are on national tv only 3-5more times than the Pistons/Spurs. There is plenty of opportunity for people to see "team ball," but guess which set of teams will get the higher rating. I do believe both teams were on national tv quite a bit last year. It's not like they only had 2-3 games a piece. People didn't watch because they're BORING. Sorry...


Deveney is actually one of the writers I like and he pretty much nailed this one on the head. But the problem the league has is that it is hard to market a team like the Spurs because they have no personality. Sure they are fundamentally sound but so were the Celtics in the 60s. Think anybody was watching then....Hmmmmm

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