Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Jessica Alba as Cheetara? Hell Yeah!!!!

Gangsta D:

Even with the official return of the NFL, there's not really going to beanything of substance to talk about for another3-4weeks, barring an injury. So I pose to you so-called "experts" a question. Which adaptation of a cartoon from our youth are you most geeked to see:


I pick Thundercats, because it is the most ready for film. The origin storywill actually be engaging and exciting, instead ofthe usual boring exposition. It also has serious Star Wars-like appeal, with Liono going from cub to King. The manifestation of Mum-Ra couldbe scary and tight as Hell. Of course, a black actor has to playPanthro and they have to lose Snarff. What do you think?


I didnt know they were going to do another live re-make of He-man. Did we not learn from Dolph Lundgren's messed up version??

Hmm, if I had to choose, it would probably would beThundercats too. Even though I am a computer techie (as my classmates called me), I'm not a big fan of CGI. I think when filmmakers utilize it, they overdo it and final product truly does look like a computer image instead of the real image they were trying to create (see Star Wars Episode1). Thundercats can rely on costumes and makeup to recreate the characters, then build the props up instead of having to recrete/load computer images.

My fear with transformers and voltron is that they will overdo it to thepoint where nothing is recognizable.

Gangsta D:

Yep, Woo is doing He-Man with Nic Cage playing Skeletor. I'm not exactly on pins and needles waiting for it, but it should bebetter than the '87 disaster with Drago:)

Da Realist:

none of them. i have my transformers dvd set and i just found out thundercats is coming out (i think next week) with a 1st season dvd set. forget that, i'll watch the original.

did you guys know that panthro's voice is cosby's dad on the cosby show?


Man this is hypothetical. If you were forced to choose (aka not given anoption to pick none), which one would you see?

Da Realist:

Voltron because of the 4, it is my least favorite cartoon. if they mess up, who cares?

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