Monday, August 01, 2005

Yep, You Knew Him As 'Toine...


What do you guys think of the following trades?Memphis sends Jason Williams and James Posey to Miami for Eddie Jones. Boston sends Antoine Walker to MIami for MichaelDoleac, Rasual Butler, and their trade exception. Call me crazy but something about those deals dont seem right....for any team involved.

Gangsta D:

Somebody said that the Heat should trade for walker because he can hit threes, yeah but he's gonna jack up 10 a game. How much you think Shaq is gonna like 'Toine hoisting up shot after shot. And he had a problem with Kobe? Jason Williams improved under Hubie Brown, but once again he's gonna come down on a 4 on 1 break and throw up a 25 footer. Who's gonna back up Shaq? Are they keeping Zo and Lattener? I want nothing better than for theHeat to lose, but these would be horrible trades...


I do not think there are going to be enough balls to go around in Miami. You got Shaq, Wade, Walker, White Chocolate now starting....Who really is making these kinda suggestions?

Da Realist:

if i'm a heat fan, i take whatever i can get for eddie jones (sorry D). i don't like antoine walker's game. he plays no defense, he's slow-footed and he's a ball magnet thatcan't even shoot 40% from the field. miami should not bail out the celtics like this.

Gangsta D:

Yeah, but for 'Toine? At least Eddie can play within the flow of the game. He doesn't come through, but he's not gonna jack up up shot after shot. Toine is the only player I've ever seen take five three's from the corner and hit the backboard every rim.

Trust me, I WANT the Heat to make these trades cause I think it'll backfire but they would be stupid for doing it.

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