Wednesday, August 03, 2005



Stein pretty much is saying what we all have been saying this week about the Heat moves

Gangsta D:

The Laker championship teams had a common theme besides Shaq and Kobe. Good3-point shooting. Horry, Fox, Fish, Rice, and sometimes Kobe & Harper could all hit 3's. That opened up the lane for Kobe and minimized double-teams on Shaq. This was a major reason for the 3-peat.

Who is going to consistentlyhit 3's for the Heat? Wade isn't a 3-point shooter. Eddie was upsettling effective from range and Damon Jones was, as Stein said, top five in the league. Eddie's gone and Damon could be gone, to be replaced by 'Toine and J-Dub? They will hit a few, but miss way more than they make. Is SVG gonnabe able to get those two to subjugate their games for the greater good?

I don't think people realize how critical and uncertain this next season is. Wade become an upper echelon player next year. Is Shaq OK with that? Will the new additions stunt Wade's growth? After 'Toine puts up his sixth consecutive off balance jumper, is Shaq gonna go ape sh*t? A lot of people are kind of handing the Heat the title for next year. They could win, but they are no lock to even beat the Pistons who bring back the entire team. I know one thing, next year could be the most intriguing year in the NBA in along time.

Da Realist:

You're crazy

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