Tuesday, September 06, 2005

FSU Still Sucks....But They Won :(

Top 5 Reasons The 'U Lost:

1. Offensive line play - Giving up 10 sacks is an embarrasment. True Kyle held the ball too long on a couple plays, but no way does Miami's O-line get beat like that. Receivers were open but, it's hardto throw bombs laying onyour back.

2. Mental Lapses - Dropped balls, muffed punts, stupid penalties, and INT's killed us in the 1st half. We're not quite talented enough yet to overcome those.

3. Moss's Cramps - Moss was gashing the 'Noles in the first half, but Kyle wasn't sharp yet. Kyle was sharper in the second half, but Moss couldn'texplode like in the 1st half, thereby making us one dimensional.

4. Special Teams - Total embarrasment. 3 missed field goals and a blocked punt. 'Nuff said.

5. Kyle Wrihgt - He underthrew THREE potential touchdowns. Let the ball sail for the costly pick. Didn't throw the ball away at the end of the game.


1. Kyle Wright is the truth, or will be. Rocket arm, decent decision making, and 4.5 speed. In the second half, when he had time he was a monster.

2. Greg Olson is the next great tight end. Big, fast, great hands(eventually) and can find the zone.

3. Our defense is back to being dominant. We were in the backfield all day. My excitement is tempered because FSU had no passing game, but if they continue to improve they will dominate.

So, there you go Realist. Your boys finally got one. Congratulations. You'll hear no excuses from me. I'll just have to sit here and eat sh*t for three months until we perhaps meet again in Jax. You won the battle, but unless you fix your QB situation, we will win the war...

I can't really dissect the other games cause I didn't see 'em. But:

1. Love it that OU lost. They have been overratedfor the last 4 years.
2. Georgia looked great, but it is Boise State. I didn't think the Broncos could beat Georgia, so expectations should betempered.
3. G Tech won, but Kyle should have the kinks worked out by the time we play them.
4. I was sick when I saw the Notre Dame score. I want nothing more than for them to lose and lose big. Hopefully Michigan can put them in place.

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