Tuesday, September 06, 2005

College Football...yeah!!!

Da Realist:

of course, this is only the first week so take these thoughts with a grain of salt...

-- Waldini, there is still a quarterback controversy in knoxville, not good. barely beating uab at home, really not good. the teams that looked the mostimpressive tonight were georgia and notre dame. bothof these teams are on ut's schedule. whew! notre dame looks like a totally different team this year. that game in south bend nov 11 doesn't look like sucha slam dunk anymore. whoever came up with your schedule deserves to be shot. i'm not sure '04 usc or'01 miami could veer through this schedule unscathed. your team better be every bit as good as they say or we're talking peach bowl.

-- d, did you see georgia tech? looks like you may have your hands full with this team. reggie ball looks like he's ready to lead this year and their defense looks like the real thing. will kyle be poised and experienced enough to handle them?

-- oklahoma looked like a jv team today. we're not gonna have to worry about them being a championship contender this year. (1 down, 1 to go)

-- michigan is overrated...again. and they may just lose to notre dame next week in the big house

-- no way does texas waltz into buckeye stadium and beat ohio state next week.


It's still early in the season but I was shocked at how my boys, Oklahoma, Boise St, Va Tech, Notre Dame, Georgia looked (good or bad). Tenn has a week to get they mind right b4 they start a hard back to back on the road of Florida and LSU.

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