Monday, September 12, 2005

It's Madness I Tell You!

Da Realist:

what in the HELL is going on this year? florida state beats miami in an ugly game it didn'tdeserve to win. oklahoma loses at home to TCU. vanderbilt actually wins an sec game. on the road. notre dame dominates two ranked opponents on the road. (d meet knute rockne). and TEXAS finally wins a big game. against a top 5 team. on the road. led by vince young. (mr. waldini and Realist, what would you be having today? i think i'll have the suauteed crow while my friend mr. waldini would like his baked, thank you) what's next? a mid-major winning the title?


:-)'re right, Brown & Young made me eat some crow last night. I thought they would fold under pressure but I have to give it to them for pulling out a tough victory. And remember how folks were on Georgia;s bandwagon saying they were the cream of the SEC. Let last night's game be a lesson to everyone. The football season is long and ANYTHING can happen from one week to the next. And do you realize all 3 of the Big 10's top teams (Oh St, Mich, Iowa) all lost yesterday??? And all are ranked in the top 8...guess the poll will be shaken up today. And I didnt know Vandy won a SEC game

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