Monday, September 12, 2005

The Beast


I watched most of the Men's US Open Final last night and for a sec, I thought Agassi was about 2 pull of da biggest upset of his career. If you didnt watch, the match was tied at 1 set apiece and Andre was leading 2-0in the 3rd set. Then reality set in....Federer rediscovered his backhand and Andre started to look noticeably tired. Roger ended the game in 4 sets. Nevertheless, Andre was making Fed work for his forat least half of the match. Comments?

Gangsta D:

"Federali" is a beast. Only person that can stop him is a chick:)

Da Realist:

of course i watched! what a great match. still got it on tivo. that's a good as i've seen andre play, yet he lost in 4 sets. this match said a hell of a lot about andre, but it said quite a bit about roger, too. the guy did not play his best yet had enough to still beat andre in 4. i don't think andre was tired in that last set as much as he felt defeated. he tried everything. he threw everything but the kitchen sink at roger in that 3rd set and still lost it. (same as hewitt the daybefore) the guy is a machine.

here's an interesting article detailing andre's postmatch comments...


Fed is a beast. I honestly do not know who can beat him. I watched him and kept remarking "Even when he messes up, he's still a force to be reckoned with".

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