Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Monday Night

Da Realist:

And now introducing the Washington Redskin offense...
David Patten...Western Carolina
Robert Royal...Louisiana State University
Mark Brunell...University of Washington
Santana Moss...The 'U'
did you guys hear this last night? Al Michaels said,"...and for those that may not know, the 'U' means University of Miami..."unbelievable.


That musta been your first time hearing that b/c theMiami alums have been doing that for 3 years on MNF.

Gangsta D:

I got a little advice for Mike Zimmer, Dallas' D-Coordinator. DON'T PUT A 34 YR OLD CB ON A GUY THAT RUNS A 4.3!!!!!! Somebody wanna tell me why Aaron Glen was on Santana Moss TWICE. And lo and behold, both times he caught a touchdown. Why isn't Terrence Newman, who had a pick, or Anthony Henry, who was shutting down whoever he was covering, on Santana Moss who bythe way runs a 4.3!!!!! I didn't get to bed until 1:30 last night. I was heavily annoyed...

Da Realist:

nah...i just thought it was a nice bit of foreshadowing. i actually thought d would be happy because santana moss used to play for THE U. but i forgot he is a cowboys fan.

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