Monday, September 19, 2005

What Do We Know? What Can We Prove?

Good news:

Miami - We actually converted three field goals. If we'd shown this proficiency earlier, we'd be 2-0.
UT - You held the vaunted "Meyer Spread" to only one offensive touchdown.
FSU - Weatherford may have become a real QB with his 4th QTR performance.

Bad News:

Miami - We blew a ten point 4th Qtr lead and took 3OTs to win the game.
UT - You only scored one offensive touchdown.
FSU - It took Weatherford 2 3/4 games to figure outhow to hit a reciever in stride.

So what do we know? FSU is undefeated but come on, are they really the fifth best team in the nation. Miami still has not worked out the kinks and may play several more nail biters before the year is out. UT may have a more dire QB situation than FSU. Where's Brent Schaeffer again?

What can we prove? Absolutely nothing. Who knows what gonna happen the rest of the year?

Da Realist:

you pretty much said it all. miami should be 2-0, but you were one overthrown pass from being 0-2. i still can't believe the gift UT gave florida. Gators should be filling out thank-you cards and sending them to knoxville. what can i say about fsu? 13 yards rushing? and we won? i don't know what to say except that i get this sneaking suspicion that one of these days someone will beat us 49-10. at home. and that will be the end ofthat.

out of the 3 of us, d is sitting pretty. the virginia tech game will make or break your season. everyone else on the schedule are cupcakes.
fsu --> @virginia, maryland, nc state, @clemson, @florida (but keep in mind, we could lose to ANYBODY left on our schedule...except duke)
tenn --> @lsu, georgia, @alabama, south carolina,@notre dame. (and don't sleep on memphis)


I already told you that my Vols' schedule was brutal. And considering that I didnt expect ND, Alabama or SC to play well this year, it makes the road even tougher....

Do you realize Tenn's offense is averagin 12 pts a game?? And their defense is only giving up 13 a game?? If the offense lays an egg this Sat in LSU, look for LSU's victory margin to be much wider than Florida's. Fulmer needs to decide on one QB, plain and simple.

Now do you see realist why I was being hesistant to say Tenn is back. Championships are won on the field, not on paper....

I would happy FSU has not lost yet. I rather take an ugly W than a moral victory aka Loss any day. You win, you get to major bowls. You lose and you're lookin at and Continental Tire Bowls...

Miami showed heart on Sat. Clemson is definitely better than people give them credit for and they played tough. But the better team won and now Miami can focus on next week. Who are you guys playin anyway?

I would be completely pissed off today but a) Notre Dame lost, and b) my Titans pulled an upset yesterday.

Gangsta D:

If we can figure out how to work out the kinks we'll be fine going intoBlacksburg. I just have a feeling we're gonna play in a bunch of close games that don't need to be close. Hopefully, we'll win them which will improve confidence.


The only thing I know about football right now is USC and Texas look like studs and everyone else looks like a pretender.

Da Realist:

i STILL don't believe in texas. i don't know why...but i just don't believe in them. mark down the last gameagainst reggie mcneal and texas a&m at collegestation.

Gangsta D:

Texas hasn't proved anything to me. Winning at the 'Shoe is always a great win, but OSU is overrated. If they run the table and get to the Rose Bowl I'll respect them. Until then, they gotta prove it.

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