Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Question of the half-day


Will folks ever realize that Dave Wannstedt cannot coach and is meant to be a coordinator not head coach? If you need proof, check out his W-L total in Miami & Chicago and current W-L in Pittsburgh

But Art Shell cant get a job???

Da Realist:

you know about the good old boy network in the nfl and nba. recycle coaches regardless of success. art shell is a good example for the nfl, but what about kc jones in the nba? did he not win 2 championships? that's more than larry brown and the same as chuck daly. larry can get any coaching position he wants. chuck daly got a chance to coach the DREAM TEAM. kc's only shot at coaching was the WNBA. a shame.


That is an excellent point. Larry Brown is being promoted as the greatest teacher ever, even though he had a hidden agenda during your old's team playoff run. But look at the number of black coaches in the NBA vs the number of black coaches in the NFL. The NBA is at least trying to diversify itself

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