Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rosen...Deranged Old Man?

Da Realist:

he responds to questions about his listing of the best teams ever.

ok, it's official. this guy has a couple screws loose. he said last year's spurs would be ranked 12th on his list. they barely beat the PISTONS last year! please don't get me started on their inability to hit free throws (cluth or otherwise), tony parker's inconsistency, bruce bowen's offensive inept-ness...please. yet he doesn't recognize the 80 lakers, 83 sixers, 86 celtics, etc. like stephen a says... please!


I didnt agree with his assessment of the 83 Sixers, 86 Celtics or any ofthe 80s Lakers team. He makes it seem like a given that these teams wouldget run upon by other squads. And he's quick to elaborate on the flaws but almost completely ignores the positives.

Spurs team 12th best ever??? maybe this year's team may be depending upon how they beat opponents in the regular season AND playoffs. But to say that team is better than teams that didnt even make the list (like the 83Sixers) is retarded. I like Rosen but he's off on this one....

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