Monday, September 12, 2005

UT In The BCS Against USC...

Da Realist:

texas just may end up in the rose bowl this year...


Hey if they do, they deserve to be there and all I can do is respect that. I may not care for teams but if they win, I do respect them. Call me theWes Mantooth of Sports....These teams are like Ron Burgundy to me

Notre Dame
Big 10 conference
Utah Jazz
Denver Broncos
Boston Celtics
San Antonio Spurs
Miami Heat

"I hate you Ron Burgundy BUT DAMMIT, I respect you" - Wes Mantooth

Gangsta D:

I think people need to just let the season play out. My God, two games does not a season make. If the Dolphins and the niners can win on opening day in the NFL, anything can happen in college. Texas isn't used to prosperity. How will they handle it? Brad Smith isn't a slouch. Missouri could sneak up and get them. Right now, only USC deserves universal praise. Everybody else has to earn it by completing the season.


I agree. There were major upsets galore but I will not make any real assessments until week 7 or 8. Remember in the 2003 opener when Buffalo blasted the Patriots 31-0. Anyone remember what happened at the end of that season?

I still think Favre is done though :-)

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