Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Expert Analysis?


I guess Realist is the big winner this week since he called ND over Purdue. Honestly I didnt think the Boilermakers were that bad but good lawd. Other random thoughts

- Florida got exposed badly. Alabama was scoring off simple plays b/c Florida couldnt either catch or tackle anyone
- USC is a 2nd half team but I think if someone holds that offense to 28 pts for a game, you can beat 'em. THe question though is what team on their schedule can do that. I dont see anyone stiflin them but u never know
- When do Va tech and Miami play again :-?
- Forget Georgia, I'm worried about playin Alabama....they r 4 real
- Florida St quietly continues to put the smackdown on their opponents. Are you smilin yet?

Da Realist:

- how about a cautious smile? florida was exposed saturday. they will have problems now that the blueprint to beating them is in. (put tremendous pressure on chris leak and watch their offense fall apart) this sets up nicely for tenn to win the east, except...tenn still needs to play georgia, alabama and notre dame. they are not going to win all three of those games. one of those teams will realize that clausen doesn't have much of an arm -- they will stack the box and dare him to beat them deep.
- va tech and miami play nov. 5 and I AM GOING!!! should be a great game.
- call me crazy, but i give notre dame at least as much chance to beat usc as arizona state. nd has 2 whole weeks to plan for usc. this game has "upset" writtenall over it. we'll see...

Gangsta D:

USC - Reminds me of the '02 Canes. Not as dominant against the good opponents as they were the year before, but just too much talent to be beaten. But, they can be beaten. I still think only Cal or UCLA can beat them. ND will play them tough, but their defense is still suspect. Matt Leinert didn't throw a TD pass and they still score 38? Bad things man...

Tejas - A big win at OSU is impressive, but this week will be the tell-tale sign. Can they get over the mental hump of beating a down Oklahoma team?

Va Tech - Marcus Vick is more accurate than I thought. The defense andspecial teams are good as always. They haven't played a real good team yet, but that will occur in a month. If they win the ACC, they set themselves up nicely for a Rose Bowl spot. I hate them, but they are playing well

FSU - The defense is pretty special. Weatherford is showing signs. My co-worker thinks they have a chance to play 'SC for the nat'l title. I'll let Mr. Hunt comment on that one.

UGA - Pretty good defense. Shockley so far has played pretty well, if inconsistent. Their 3 headed monster at running back is pretty good. But this week will be the big test. If they can beat UT in Tenn, they are setup for a nice run cause Florida isn't ready.

OSU - Good defense. But they still don't know how to use their speed, andI'm not sold on the QB yet. Nevertheless they're pretty much set up for aBig Ten title, unless somebody creeps up on them.

Alabama - More team speed than I thought. But God punishes the unjust:) Don't know if Prothro breaking his leg in half was punishment for going for a TD in the 4th quarter when you're up by 30, but hey...Like I said achieving success and maintaining prosperity are two different things.

UT - The players love Ricky Clausen. The running game and defense are very good. But UT still has a hellified schedule left in front of them, and I don't know that Ricky is an SEC title kind of QB.

The 'U - The defense is fast. The secondary looks like it did 2 years ago. I'm concerned with the D-line cause we're not getting enough pressure on the QB, but they run to the ball and punish the runner. The offense is another thing. We just aren't in sync. We don't get into a rhythm until the 4th qtr, and that's not good enough. If our offense doesn't get better, we won't beat Va Tech. We have the talent to do it, but we gotta put it together.

Cal - Have no idea. Haven't seen 'em. But they probably have a stud QB and RB. They get 'SC at home this year. They are the last team to beat them and should've beat them last year. Was it Rodgers or the scheme? We'll find out in a couple weeks.


Good job Gangsta, that was a pretty dead on assessment of every team. If I learned anything this wknd, it was college football is ALWAYS unpredictable.

Michigan State losing to a supposedly down Michigan team at home? ND laying an unexpected smackdown on Purdue in Purdue?? Alabama holding Florida without a TD for the first time in over 10 years?? It's why they play the game.....

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