Tuesday, October 04, 2005

FSU vs USC? Are You Smoking PCP!?!

Da Realist:

ok, ok. it finally got to me. i'm getting excited about fsu this year (a little bit). i finally laid some coin to get 2 tickets to see them when they play virginia in charlottesville. i know what you're gonna say. the noles aren't goodenough to win it all. to that i mostly agree. they still aren't very good on offense and they have a green quarterback and i still don't trust JEFFBOWDEN. but, this IS college football...where it's not guaranteed the best team will win. if so, how do you explain ohio state beating miami in the fiesta bowl a couple of years ago? 9 times out of 10, miami wins that game. what about this year? is florida really better than tennesseee? don't think so, but they won anyway.

i'm letting my guard down a little bit. we have some games coming up that we should win. then all we'll have to do is find a way to beat va tech or miami in the championship game and voila! it's a one game playoff in the rose bowl (maybe). anything can happenin any one game...right? RIGHT???

Gangsta D:

I'm just gonna sit back and watch the carnage. You'll hear no further comment from me. I'll just say this, I remember the euphoria after FSU beatVirginia last year. I also remember how long that lasted. But, anything can happen...

Da Realist:

(bubble bursting...) well, at the very least this team is building confidence for the next couple of years when they'll have more experience.


Glad to see you lighten up a bit on your boys man:-). They are winning and you need to celebrate that..... As for that game, you are right anything can happen. Based on what we haveseen so far this year, no game is a given

Michigan State over Notre Dame in South BendMichigan, unranked, over Michigan State, highly ranked in East Lansing TCU, unranked, over Oklahoma, top 5, in OklahomaTennessee, struggling on O, over LSU, top 5, inDeath Valley, on ESPN, at nightime

When do FSU-Va play anyway? I know this weekthe big games areTenn-Ga, Oklahoma-Texas, Ohio St-Penn St, Arizona St-Oregon, Cal-UCLA

Da Realist:

please. pac-10 games are never "big" unless usc is one of the participants. Da Wife and i call them the"pac-10 pansies". but i recognize i'm highly biased toward southern football. all that pass-happy, no defense stuff doesn't interest me.

fsu plays virginia on oct. 15 at 7:45. two big games that day...usc at notre dame at 3:30 and florida at lsu TBA. i will get to see the notre dame game and still be able to catch fsu play. i'll just watch the lsu game the next day.

Gangsta D:

For pure entertainment value, Pac-10 has it. Every now and then I don'tmind a 41-37 score...

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