Friday, October 07, 2005

Predictions Baby

Da Realist:

ohio state at penn state - ohio state is used to playing big games, penn state is not. ohio state has had 2 weeks to prepare for this. OHIO STATE

georgia at tennessee - this is the hardest game for me to pick. these teams are so similar. but tennessee has had to play 2 high profile games and georgia hasn't. that and the home field advantage just may give the vols the edge. oh, and i still don't trust shockley. TENNESSEE

cal at ucla - cal hasn't played anybody yet while ucla at least beat OU on their field a little while ago. i'll go with...UCLA

minnesota at michigan - minnesota hasn't beaten michigan since 1986. HELLO! that's worse than OU over texas. michigan is in their heads. AND the game is at the big house. also, with mike hart back, their running game should take pressure off of the passing attack. MICHIGAN

texas tech at nebraska - i don't believe in bill callahan. TEXAS TECH

oklahoma vs texas - ahhh, here's the upset special ofthe week. i'm willing to go out on the line here for four reasons...1) you CAN move the ball on this texas defense. 2) texas will cough up the ball at least twice 3) ou always adds a few wrinkles for the texas game that takes texas a while to figure out 4) ALL the pressure is on texas this year, but both teams have something to play for. unbelievably, OU can still win the big 12 (and bcs bid). this game is OU's season. they can let it all hang out. texas is so focused on the rose bowl that they might try too hard to blow OU out. texas may win, but i'll believe it when i see it. OKLAHOMA

Gangsta D:

OSU vs Penn St. - I don't trust the Buckeyes, no matter how good they looked beating Iowa. They're playing at Penn St. Penn St. actually has an explosive offense this year. So I'm picking Penn St. right? Wrong. The Lions' playmakers are freshmen and their QB is turnover prone. OSU's defense will be too strong for them to overcome.

UGA vs UT - The teams are pretty much even. Neither QB has distinguished himself, yet, as being SEC title worthy. Both running games are good and both defenses are good. So that being said, home field advantage usually breaks the tie right? Wrong. It took Mark Richt 3 years to lose on the road and he hasn't lost at UT yet. Remember that David Greene was an unknown quantity until his 35 second comeback 4 years ago. Some how Richt gets it done.

Cal vs UCLA - Have no idea. Haven't seen either team play. I like UCLA so I'm picking them right...psyche! Recent history shows that UCLA looks good one weekend then sucks the next. Until they prove consistency, I think Tedford gets it done. And yes, the coach really does make a difference.

Minn vs Meechigan - Michael Hart is a beast and the "Logans" play well when he runs well. The Gophers were exposed last weekend. At the Big House, I can't see Maroney running over the wolverines.

TT vs UN - Texas Tech will score...a lot...very quickly. The west coast offense hasn't exactly blown the doors off of the 'Huskers opponents. No way Nebraska keeps up with the onslaught that the Red Raiders will bring.

OU vs UT - Three years ago when FSU had the 'U down by 13 in the 4th qtr, I thought we were done for. But two quick scores later we were up by 1. OK, here we go again with the 'Noles driving for a winning FG. They get down to the whatever yard line and I'm thinking to myself, "No way they miss aFOURTH field goal at the end of the game." Of course we know what happened. So now I'm thinking to myself, "No way Texas loses to OU this year. Noway." I'm going with the percentages and picking UT. This game has nothingto do with talent or execution, it's just who wants it more. And I can'tbelieve Texas will lose this game. If they do, Mack Brown will forever be a loser. I don't care how many 9-win seasons he has.


Ohio St vs Penn St - Ohio St because their defense is legit and they wont blow a lead like Northwestern did. Penn State hasnt played anybody yet so I dont think they are ready to challenge the elite. OHIO STATE

Georgia vs Tenn - I told you, I rarely pick against the boys and this is not one of those rarities. You guys have accurately described both teams, solid defenses, question marks at QB. I think this game will come down to field position and desire to win. Tenn should be motivated since they havent beaten Georgia in Neyland stadium since '99. TENN

Cal vs UCLA - I have seen both play. Cal's running game and defense is the truth. UCLA is decent but they struggled against a Washington team (at home no less) that was drilled by ND two weeks ago. The QB situation will determine the outcome for Cal but I think they win this game. CAL

Minnesota vs Michigan - Maroney is a beast and future NFLer. Too bad the rest of his team is suspect. Michigan isn't exactly itself but I think theyare motivated to win after the emotional victory in East Lansing last week. If the Wolverines do lose, look for to spring up on Sunday morning. MICHIGAN

Texas Tech vs Nebraska - How did this game make it into the selection criteria? Not even worth the typing but a flip of the coins says Texas Tech wins (HEADS) TEXAS TECH

Oklahoma vs Texas - Texas wins this game. PERIOD. TEXAS....Side note - if Mack Brown loses this game , he enters the pantheon of coaches who will always be bridesmaids and never the bride (see Marty Schottenheimer, FlipSaunders, Van Gundy Brothers, Rick Adelman, Tony Dungy, etc)

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